The List

Travel & Experience 
1. Eat Sushi in Japan 
2. Visit Time Square
3. Visit the Taj Mahal
4. Visit the Eiffel Tower
5. Spend St. Patricks day in Ireland
6. Visit Mt. Rushmore
7. Step foot on all 7 continents {1/7}
8. Wear a fresh lei
9. Pan for gold
10. Walk on a glacier
11. Attend a luau
12. Go on a safari
13. Visit my State Capitol
15. Visit every state in the U.S {5/50}
16. Touch a pyramid
17. Fly first class
18.  Tour a concentration camp
21. Tour a factory
22. Tour a working farm
24. Go on a cruise
26. Visit a castle
27. Relax in a natural hot spring
28. Spend the night in an igloo
30. See the Statue of Liberty
31. Walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
32. See the Great Wall of China
33. Visit the Coliseum in Rome 
35. Throw a dart and a map and go wherever it lands
36. Visit the Grand Canoyon
37. Visit Easter Island in Chile
38. Be in NYC for New years eve
Animals & Nature 
36. Touch a stingray
37. Wrap a snake around my neck
38. Swim with dolphins
39. Touch/swim with a shark
40. Hold a monkey
42. Go clam digging
43. Go whale watching
44. Milk a cow or goat
45. Watch turtles hatch
46. Hold a tarantula
47. Touch/feed a koala bear
48. Ride an elephant
49. Feed a crocodile
50. Shear a sheep
51. Own a pig
52. Hold a baby chick
53. Grow a caterpillar into a butterfly
54. Witness a solar eclipse
56. Stand under a water fall
58. See a volcano
59. Climb to the top of the tree
60. Name a star
61. Attend a frog jumping contest
62. Make a snowman
66 .Plant a tree
67. Cut down our own Christmas Tree
68. Find treasure with a metal detector
69. See Old Faithful  
70. See the salmon run
71. Swim with turtles
72. See the Aurora Borealis in Alaska
75. Explore a cave
76. Indoor Skydive
77. Walk a suspension bridge
78. Parasail
80. Ride ATVs
81. Jump off a cliff
82. Surf
83. Dog Sled
85. Get a tattoo 
86. Take a zip line ride
87. Rappel  
88. Sky dive
89. Ride in a hot air balloon
90. Take a helicopter ride
91. Ride a camel
92. Ride in a race car
93. Drive a tractor
94. Ride in a horse drawn carriage
95. Ride in a gondola
96. Ride in a cab

Entertainment & Attractions
97. Go to the movies by yourself
98. Be an extra in a movie
99. Go to a dinner theater 
100. Create a room I love
101. Touch a famous piece of art
103. Pose with a figure at a wax museum
104. Make a Youtube Channel
106. Go see a dog show
107. Go to a book signing
109. Perform a Magic Trick 
110. Attend an art gallery opening 
111. Attend a masquerade
112. Whistle with 2 fingers
113. Watch 100 movies
114. See a Broadway play
115. Set a Guinness Book of World Record
117. Attend a film premiere
118. Get hypnotized
120. Watch Sumo wrestling live
121. Attend a unique small-town event
122. Be a member of the audience of a TV show
123. Complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
124. Make a Balloon Animal
125. Win something
126. Walk on a nude beach
128. Build a sand castle
129.  Attend a rodio
131. Go to IMATS
132. Dine at Opaque
133. Leave my Bubblegum at Bubblegum Alley
134. Visit the Guinness Museum in Hollywood
135. Go to a circus
136. Go to a bean bag cinema
137. Stay at an Ice Hotel
138. Visit a butterfly sanctuary
140. Sleep on a beach
141. Pick Apples
142. Witness the birth of something
143. Carve a whole family of pumpkins for Halloween
145. See a Cirque du Soleil show
146. Try a video game
147. Drive/walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
148. Solve a Rubik's Cube 
150. Go to the La Tomatina festival

151. Go to a murder mystery dinner
152. Eat a raw food diet for 3 days
154. Partake in a food fight
155. Extract honey from a beehive
157. Eat at a 5 star restaurant 
158. Make a gingerbread house (one that actually stays up)
159. Order room service
160. Toss pizza dough in the air
161. Try deep fried Twinkies
162. Drink milk from a fresh coconut
163. Drink tea at a tea house
164. Make a whole vegetarian turkey for thanksgiving
165. Make fresh pasta
166. Make sushi
167. Enter something in a food competition
168. Go to Carlos Bakery
169. Make ice cream
170. Try ten fruits I have never tried before
172. Eat baklava
173. Go Vegan for 30 days
174. Go for dim sum
176. Try a deep fried cool aid ball
178. Eat pizza in NY
179. Be made breakfast in bed
180. Eat alone at a fancy restaurant 
182. Eat Fondue
183. Make a traditional dish from a different culture
184. Leave a 100% tip for a server
185. Stomp grapes
186. Eat Coconut M&Ms
187. Eat a deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich
188. Eat frozen hot chocolate
189. Eat a deep fried oreo

190. Take a cake decorating class
192. Go to a gun range
193. Fly a kite
194. Participate in a 5k race
195. Learn how to ride a bike
196. Take my dogs to a dog park
197. Go golfing

Beauty, Fashion, and Wellness 
198. Pierce my ears
199. Join a gym
200. Go shopping late at night on black Friday
201. Take a spin class
202. Take a yoga class
203. Get a foot massage
204. Get fake nails
205. Go on a clothes shopping spree
206. Get a spray tan
207. Wear colored contacts
208. Go shopping at a thrift store
209. Have my palm read
210. Go to a fashion show
211. Dye my whole head of hair
212. Take a makeup lesson
213. Wear fake eyelashes 
215. Get a fish pedicure
216. Spend the day at a resort spa
217. Get my eye brows threaded
218. Take a mud bath
219.Get a facial

220. Say "Hello in 10 different language  
221. Master a new language

224. Make a candle
225. Blow Glass
226. Paint something at color me mine
227. Take pictures in a photo booth
228. Take an art class
229. Create a family tree
230. Refinish an old piece of furniture
231. Create a piece of art and sell it
232. Make a handmade greeting card
233. Make an Oragami animal
234. Make a coloring book
235. Take a picture everyday for the whole year
236. Get my portrait sketched by one of those street artists 
237. Print something with my typewriter 
238. Make a flower arrangement 
239. Make paper 

Life Enhancement 
240. Serve food at a soup kitchen
241. Help build a house with Habitat for Humanity
242. Spend the day helping at a children's hospital
243. Pay for the drive thru order of the person behind me
244. Donate toys at the holidays
245. Put change into someones expired meter
246. Do a charity Walk
247. Sponsor a child
248. Meditate 
249. Send flowers to yourself
250. Bring a meal to a homeless person

251. Write a thank you letter to a company that treated you well
252. Meet someone famous
253.Visit your childhood home
254. Write a letter to your future self
255. Spend the entire day by myself
256. Get a pen pal
257. Surprise somebody
258. Attend a same sex wedding
259. Have a travel bank account